Our Key Features

Our end to end solution makes us stand out in the crowd.
Some of the features of our platform include.


Branded persistent rooms with advanced moderation controls, collaborative tools like whiteboard, screen share, content management playlist, breakout rooms, interactive live quizzing and HD video sharing.

Lecture Capture

Live stream and recording feature that capture and is compatible with any lecture capture hardware. Schedule in advance or capture on the fly, and automatically publish to your LMS or personal shared location.

LMS Integration

Create course galleries, assignments, and other activity creation tools, seamlessly integrated into the familiar LMS environments with grade book integration and accessibility.

24/7 Online Support

Chat bot based online support with modern interactive messaging software built for customer engagement. One to One relationship for priority service subscribers.


Getting to know people and the problems that matter is the first step for success. We offer a catalog of various services for both instructors and learners to make your teaching and learning experience flawless.


We work with development, management, deployment, optimization and migration of Moodle environments. Additionally, you get to use the LMS through mobile app platform like Android and iOS for students ease of learning.

About The LMS

An LMS of the world

Your problem is not yours alone!
Moodle has one of the largest free software communities in the world with several developers, managers, schools, courses and different users.


Corporate, higher or child education!
Regardless of your teaching method, Moodle offers thousands of options, aiming to meet the most varied needs. 


The solution is ours!
Accessibility, responsiveness, web services and mobile are some of the constantly improving solutions.

About Us

We are technology enthusiasts.
Collaborating to create a platform for the next generation learners.


... and adapting solutions
according to your needs.


... of users, permissions, courses,
categories, plugins, etc ...


... and automation of basic
environment routines .


... and version migration without losing
your data and history.

Our Available Courses

    Available courses

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    My Academia Platform

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    Quantum Computing Fundamentals

    This is an introductory course for learners to provide them with re...

    Chemistry XII

    Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with elements and c...

    Maths XII

    Mathematics is the science of numbers. Mathematicians seek and use ...

    Physics XII

    Physics is the natural science that studies matter, its motion and ...

    Biology XII

    Biology is the natural science that studies life and living organis...